3D Visualization & configuration

Cosling Configurator takes on a new dimension with 3D visualization

November 6th, 2023

Thanks to the Lino® Hub integration platform, Cosling Configurator can now be used through a dynamic and intuitive graphical interface that combines 3D visualization and configuration forms. This interface empowers users to express their preferences, explore compatible options, and visualize real-time impacts on the final product through dynamic 3D representations. Cutting-edge technologies ensure precise rendering, with the flexibility to customize the environment for showcasing products. A set of intuitive features, including zoom, pan, and rotation, immerses users in the configuration process and facilitates an easy projection towards product purchase.

Coupled with the configuration engine of Cosling Configurator, Lino® Hub enables users, whether they are beginners or experts, to configure complex products more efficiently while minimizing the risk of errors and omissions. Beyond these direct benefits, this platform also seamlessly connects Cosling Configurator to the entirety of the conventional configuration environment, including ERP, CRM, PDM, and more.

Cosling Configurator is a web-based platform that empowers the modeling of intricate processes, services, and products through constraint programming without the need to write a single line of code. Its graphical interface makes it easier to load Excel data, create variables, specify business constraints, structure user experience, and test produced models.

By driving the digitization of corporate knowledge, Cosling Configurator enhances design and sales processes, making them smoother and better, all the while preserving and standardizing critical corporate knowledge.