COSLING-AIRBUS team wins the maintenance planning challenge OptiPlan

July 10th, 2018

Cosling-Airbus won the OptiPlan challenge about military aircraft maintenance planning optimization. Organized by the French Air Army and Cap Digital, the aim of the challenge is to develop a software solution to optimize not only maintenance planning but also the usage of aircrafts : OPEX assignments, upgrades, identification of aircrafts to push / brake, to have a smooth usage of resources. Beyond this operational optimization, the tool must support decisions on a strategic level by running a wide range of simulations.
In order to achieve this ambitious challenge, Cosling and Airbus Defence and Space made a partnership, to form a strong and complementary team. Within 3 months, the team has developed a great prototype: constrained optimization algorithm computing applicable plans in a short time, intuitive user interface, simulation features, extensibility, etc. The whole has been developed using Agile methodology and UX Design. A big thank to all users from #CFA, #SIMMAD, #DMAé, #DGA and #CapDigital for their contributions to the solution.

The challenge:

  • - 100 industrials at the kickoff on the 13th of february
  • - 27 applications
  • - 12 team selected to pitch on the 27th of march
  • - 4 teams selected to develop a prototype within 3 months
  • - 4 demos on the 2nd of july
Awards on the 10th of july:
  • - 1st : COSLING - Airbus
  • - 2nd : BASSETTI GROUP - DecisionBrain
  • - 3rd : Groupe Horizontal Software
  • - 4th : SPHEREA

More information: DGA, POC & GO, OPEX360