Choco-Solver wins several prizes at international solver competitions of 2023

October 1st, 2023

Choco-Solver has participated to the international solver competitions of the annual Constraint-Programming congress CP'2023. Once again, the open-source solver has demonstrated its impressive performances by winning several prizes :

  • Four prizes at XCSP-2023 competition : 🥇 FastCop 🥇 ParrallelCop 🥈 MainCop 🥉 MainCSP
  • Two distinctions at the MiniZinc 2023 competition : 🥉 Fixed 🥉 Parallel.
Those different rewards acknowledge the high quality of the solver, at the state-of-the-art on a global scale.
Cosling is proud to contribute to Choco-Solver and integrate it into business applications through optimization microservices.