ANR LabCom

Armines selects Cosling to work on the TransOp project

December 5th, 2014

Cosling works on the TransOp project, sponsored by the ANR, as part of the Laboratoire Communs (LabCom) initiative. The project tackles the difficult problem of scheduling resources for passenger transport within urban and interurban environments. The goal of the LabCom is to propose a formalism and solving methods that can be used in an operationnal context. More precisely, such methods should help the decision maker to re-optimize the overall schedule without changing completely the planning of resources, so as to keep the repaired services as close as possible to the regular ones. To reach this goal, the LabCom gathers the business expertise of Eurodécision and the scientific skills of Armines through the research team TASC (Théorie, Algorithmes et Systèmes en Contraintes). Cosling takes part in the LabCom as a sub-contractor of Armines to industrialize the research prototype developed by TASC, which materializes into a SaaS application.

At the end of the project, the results obtained through this LabCom will allow to solve the vehicle and operator scheduling problem on an operationnal level, which is a central issue in the context of passenger transport. Indeed, this problem is not only more difficult to solve than ever (due to legislation changes, network extensions, etc.) but also more sensitive to disturbances (incidents, unavailabilities, accidents, etc.) which makes it all the more difficult to repair operationnal plannings.