Workforce planning

Get agility from advanced workforce planning

OptaWork is a workforce planning and scheduling tool allowing you to reduce your operational costs by scheduling your resources at the right time. This tool handles a large amount of built-in constraints: variable schedules, labor law, labor time, resource requirements, skill requirements, assignment preferences, absence wish, etc. We believe that a better workforce management is possible when combining the interests of both the company and the employees.

Pallet optimization
Reduction of operating costs

Resource and skill requirements

Working time constraints
Speedup trainings
Customized scheduled

Any particular requirement?
We adapt! As each organization has its own management rules, we have designed OptaWork as an open planning engine where it is easy to plug specific constraints or planning preferences, thanks to Constraint-Programming technology and Choco Solver. Contact us to analyze your planning process.

What if there is a conflict?
It is actually quite common in workforce scheduling that there exists no planning satisfying all constraints at the same time. This is because the planning process often includes constraints and preferences that may be conflicting each other and that real data has to be considered. For instance, it may happen that the company is under-capacitated during a short period. If so, OptaWork algorithm will generate the planning that best meets all constraints of the model.