Cosling Configurator

Generic solution to product configuration

Sales Automation for Customized Products

Your company sells customized products? The quotation process takes too much time?

Cosling configurator enables you to build a customized offer in a few clicks while ensuring your industrial constraints.

Your sales are boosted by a digital sale experience, your workload decreases, you can now focus on prospection and customer relationship.

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Automate Quotation
Get the exact cost of an order in real time.
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Check constraints
Ensure your business and production constraints are met.
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Improve onboarding of new recruits.

No-Code Configuration Platform

Step 1. Import your data

Import all your product attributes in one click and edit them with an ergonomic user interface based on tables.

If you need an interface to your ERP or other systems, our consultants and partners can handle it.

Editing product catalogs in Cosling configurator

Editing product models in Cosling configurator

Step 2. Model your operating costs

Write once and for all the cost functions of your products. The knowledge of your business experts is digitalized and shared among your organization.

Cosling Configurator's model editor offers a wide range of concepts and constraints to fit your needs : arithmetics, interval arithmetics, logical, trigonometry, etc.

Step 3. Run and quote !

Configure your solution using an interactive view with smart filtering to remove unfeasible options and get an accurate cost for the selected solution.

Integrating Cosling configurator to your website

Integration Toolkits

Microservice Integration
Use Cosling Configurator as a microservice through web APIs.
3D models integration
CAD Integration
Visualize in real-time the selected configuration with Lino® 3D web.
software integration
ERP/CRM Integration
Synchronize your configuration models with your ERP/CRM data.

Dive into visual configuration with Lino® 3D web & Cosling Configurator

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